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"Our Happy Place"

"Playtime is precious. Play builds brain pathways for thinking, creativity, flexibility, empathy and many other lifelong skills."                        
                                                   -Heather Shumaker 
​          Sick Policy 

Children who have the following symptoms should not be brought in to Coco B's Playhouse. 

~Have a temperature over 100 degrees 

~Have vomited or had diarrhea within the last 24 hours

~Are complaining of sore throat, headache and body aches 

~Have an undiagnosed rash 

~Have difficulty breathing or are persistently coughing

~Has drainage from ears, eyes, nose or mouth that is not clear in color 

If a child exhibits any of these symptoms during their stay at Coco B's Playhouse, parent will be notified to come pick up the child within 15 minutes time. We do not administer medication of any kind. 

        Disciplinary Policies 

We are excited to be able to offer children a fun and creative place to learn and grow with other children. However, we understand that disagreements/conflicts do arise from time to time. Our staff will:

~encourage polite communication when disagreements occur

~redirect any inappropriate behaivor

~separate child from other children/group when deemed necessary 

For the safety and concern for all children and staff members at Coco B's Playhouse we do have a disciplinary procedure in place. If a child:

~Inflicts physical or emotional harm to another child, staff member or themself  (this includes biting, hitting and name calling)

~Verbally threatens another child or staff member 

~Defaces or intentionally breaks items/materials etc...

The parent will be notified immediately for pick up. The child will be placed on a temporary drop off hold. Meaning they will not be allowed back for a set amount of time. After 3 holds, if another incident occurs, the child will be banned from Coco B's Playhouse. 

         Additional Information 


~Diapers are not supplied by Coco B's Playhouse. There will be a $1/each charge if we have to supply one for our child. 

~We do not allow cloth diapers. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

~Children not fully potty trained must be in a Pull Up/Diaper. 

~Shoes must be taken off and placed in the cubbies before entering the play area. 

~All food/lunch boxes and drink cups need to be clearly labeled with childs name. 

~There are plenty of toys to play with at Coco B's Playhouse so we ask that NO TOYS FROM HOME come into the play area. They may be left    in the front cubbies. 

~If children wish to bring in their iPad/Tablet/phone etc... NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS are allowed to be taken with these devises. No      inappropriate content may be watched or listened to either. If this does occur, the device will be taken away until parent pick up. 

~Absolutely NO GUM is allowed in the play center. 

~Coco B's Playhouse is not responsible for personal items that have been left behind, lost or broken. 

~Parents must be within 15 minutes of the Playhouse at all times. 

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