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Prices & Membership Packages 

Here at Coco B's Playhouse we understand the need for flexible and affordable childcare. We offer a variety of pricing and membership packages to accommodate your needs. 
Hourly Rates 

1 Child                $11/Hour 

2 Children          $16/Hour 

3 Children          $20/Hour 

4 Children           $25/Hour 

We regularly have prepaid account specials. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for current sales. 


(credit will expire after 6 months) 

Late pick up after the 4 hour max is $5 per 15 minute increment rounded up. (ex: 20 minutes late would be a $10 charge) /per child

Late pick up after closing hours is $1 per minute/ per child  (if no communication occurs between Coco B's staff and parents after 20 minutes of closing, authorities will be notified.) 

Payments accepted:

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Venmo

$5/day charge for all unpaid account balances


Week Drop In Rate 

1 kid             $125

(as low as $5.20/hr)

2 kids           $200

(as low as $8.33/hr)

3 kids           $275

(as low as $11.46/hr)

4 kids           $350

(as low as $14.58/hr)

Rate is for up to 6 consecutive days used within the same calendar week. (Last day of use will always be a Saturday) 


Monthly Membership

1 kid         $500

(as low as $4.46/hr)

2 kids        $700

(as low as $6.25/hr)

3 kids        $900

(as low as $8.03/hr)

4 kids

Inquire for more information 

*Billed on the first day of use and will expire the following month less one day. (Ex. March 3-April 2)

*Must adhere to the 4 hour daily limit. 

Any unused days or hours on week/monthly rates cannot be saved for use later. 

Coco B's Kids Camps 

Playhouse Camps run Monday thru Friday from 8:30-12:30pm.  (check events calendar for when camps are scheduled) 

The price for the camps are $150/per child. 

**This discounted rate (from our regular hourly rates) is only valid if you if you are registered for the camp. 

If you show up for drop-in childcare during camp hours you will be charged the regular hourly rate. 

Because there is a chance of reaching full capacity during camp hours, first priority goes to campers who have registered and paid in advance. 


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